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What if you could spend time connecting with yourself and others? 

Hold on, we have a soul trip just for you!

Upcoming and Past Retreats & events

  • La Paz
    Spring 2023
    La Paz
    Get on the wait list and receive all the updates and discounts! We'll get in touch with you soon.
  • Thailand
    Get on the wait list and receive all the updates and discounts! We'll get in touch with you soon.
  • Colombia
    Get on the wait list and receive all the updates and discounts! We'll get in touch with you soon.
  • Soul Summer Fest
    Fri, Jul 01
    Camp Kindle at Water Valley, AB
    Come join us for a weekend of Fun, Yoga, Mindfulness, Relax and Empowerment! If you are looking to break away from your routine for a couple of days and get recharged surrounded by great souls and nature, this is the getaway for you!
  • Costa Rica 2022
    Tue, May 10
    Soul Trips Retreat Location
    If you feel like you need to reconnect with yourself, hear your inner voice, and make adjustments to continue stronger than ever, this retreat is for you! A yoga, personal development and social immersion retreat.
  • Time Budgeting Workshop
    Sat, Apr 16
    Because what you spend your time on matters! At this workshop you will learn tools to help you gain clarity in your choices to find more joy and balance in your life.
  • Creating Compassion to Solve Emotional & Stress Eating
    Sat, Mar 26
    Online Workshop
    Understand your instincts and nervous system instincts that drive emotional eating and create compassion and understanding for them as a way to heal and solve emotional eating.
  • Create Space for the Life You Want
    Mon, Feb 28
    Learn simple ways to transform your home to be in alignment with your dreams and goals. Letting go of what holds us back, and welcoming in that which supports the life we want is key to increasing our joy. Together let's plan a vision for your home that is your own special happy place.
  • The voice of your Soul
    Wed, Dec 01
    Posada Del Agua y Fuego
    Yoga, personal development, and social immersion.
  • Get your confidence back!
    Thu, Apr 15
    Online Workshop
    If you struggle with self-esteem and self-worth, or you just need a confidence booster, this is the workshop for you! Learn real skills to get it back with Amanda Hess from 3S Confidence. Confidence is not something somebody gives you. Learn how to create it for yourself!
  • How To Let Go
    Fri, Sep 25
    Online Workshop
    We all have emotions that don't serve us, situations we wish we could just let go of, but for some reason it feels harder than it should. If you are in need of simple tools to learn how to let go, this is the workshop for you!
    Thu, Aug 27
    Online workshop
    Do you love yourself? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe anything is possible for YOU? If you don’t or you are not sure, you are not alone. Join us for a 2 hour FREE online workshop. If you feel like there has to be more…this course is for you!
    Sun, Jul 19
    A mini retreat curated for you to feel empowered, grounded and productive again. Learn a few tools to awaken your souls and help those less fortunate as we will donate part of our proceeds to a community in need.
  • Inspired in Costa Rica!
    Tue, Oct 15
    Hermosa Bungalows
    Refresh your motivation in Costa Rica! A 5 night getaway in this beach and jungle paradise, to enhance your motivation and transform your life!
    Thu, May 23
    Villas Parota Bed & Breakfast
    Reconnect with yourself through yoga & mindfulness. Practice gratitude volunteering with children in a vulnerable community Increase your self esteem, confidence and resilience.
    Wed, Dec 05
    Raise your Vibration. New year, new YOU! 5 days of yoga, meditation, and goal setting. Balance your energy and volunteer in Riviera Maya.
    Sun, Nov 18
    Caravel Craft Brewery
    Chain of Love Pop-Up Yoga in support of I WILL SURVIVE
    Sun, Sep 09
    Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park
    Enjoy a morning of local discovery! Let's get away from the noise of the city and recharge our soul with a bit of hiking, mindfulness exercises and yoga. Come with us to immerse yourself in history with a short journey through time at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.