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Celi Baker
CEO of Soul Trips.

Retreat and Travel Planning Expert.


Are you dreaming of your perfect wellness retreat and have no idea where to start to make it happen?

I can plan your retreat for you so you can focus on what you know how to do best. 

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About me.

My name is Celi Baker. Venezuelan, living in Calgary, Canada. Yeah, loves makes you do crazy things!

A few years ago - we don't talk about age around here - I was basically living out of my suitcase, traveling around the world and collecting lots of experiences. During those years - about 10 of them - I learned the power of volunteering, the tools to make magic with very little budget and how to create, organize and execute absolutely amazing events, from musical performances outdoors for big festivals, to parades, to performances for presidents, etc. I became a logistics freak - or queen if you like that word better -.

After traveling all over and making basically no money - that's ok, remember I was learning a lot then - I decided to move into the corporate event world and that's when I had the amazing opportunity to work along side experts in the event & meeting planning world and for clients like Mary Kay, Volkswagen, Wonder Bread, Home Depot, among other.

In 2017, I started Soul Trips with a friend after talking about it for years. It has been a very challenging ride but a great learning experience. 2019 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Soul Trips and for me as an entrepreneur. I am now running Soul Trips and Soul Trips Your Way by myself - never alone - to offer everyone the opportunity to have the retreat of their dreams without the nightmares of having to plan it. Leave it to me, dream of your perfect wellness retreat, I'll make it happen... your way.


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Calgary, Alberta. Canada

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