Soul Trips started on February 1st 2017 to give us the chance to increase our sense of gratitude through volunteer work, refresh our motivation with wellness & personal development workshops, and feel rejuvenated with yoga & mindfulness, while staying at a relaxing location with all services included.
A wellness retreat with purpose.


  • Personal growth workshops and mindfulness. We give you the tools to work a bit on your soul.

  • Wellness disciplines like yoga. We help you feel comfortable with your body.

  • Volunteerism with children. This is where you raise your sense of gratitude.


  • Lodging, airport transfers and ground transportation.

  • All your meals taking care of dietary restrictions.

  • Planned activities like workshops, yoga classes, and volunteerism.

  • Support post retreat to help you process the experience once you get home.


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This was our agenda in Costa Rica. A 6 day retreat. Sometimes we do 5 days.



We meet at the airport and take you to the retreat location. Later that evening we get together, have our first delicious meal and give everyone a warm welcome!



The next couple of days we focus on developing your experience. Yoga twice a day, 3 wellness workshops, and volunteer work activities.


To reflect, journal, or explore the area is very important. You'll have optional activities and therapies to choose from. A massage, a tour, a special cooking class?

We finish our retreat on a high note with a special closing ceremony with surprises to remember.

3 people eating empanadas at a local restaurant during a soul trip


During your Soul Trip you might experience a lot of emotions while working on your intentions. We give you the tools to raise your vibration and develop your sense of gratitude. This work starts at the retreat, however, it must continue after your Soul Trip is over.

Our staff of professionals will continue to support you after the retreat is over, just contact us anytime to schedule your retreat follow up session. 

Go ahead and download our weekly self care check list and our Monthly gratitude tracker HERE. Those two documents are super helpful when you are working on yourself. :) 


Celi Baker

After many years of planning and executing successful events and trips for non-profit organizations as well as corporate companies all over the world, Celi decided it was time to listen to her call as an entrepreneur.
Soul Trips was born in 2017. Wellness retreats with 3 main components: Social immersion and volunteerism, Personal development and growth workshops, and yoga & mindfulness.

Celi is the founder of Soul Trips, the soul behind the trips and the logistics queen of it all. As an entrepreneur and leader of Soul Trips, she has found her motivation to continue making unique experiences a reality, from the testimonials of travelers that continue to have life changing journeys at every Soul Trip.

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