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The Souls behind the trips! - Celi Baker


My name is Celi Baker (Pronounced Cell-e, like cell phone) I am the founder of Soul Trips.

I was born in the beautiful country of Venezuela! In a very mixed family, really… we are from everywhere! Grandpa from Poland, Grandma from Colombia, as well as Dad. Brother from Mexico, and Mom from Venezuela, so, traveling to see our relatives was part of our plan every year… that’s how I got the bug, I think.

I am a Graphic Designer from when using a computer was only for experts! After traveling the world for about four years, I decided to take on another degree in Marketing, and right after I was done, I packed my bags again and left for another few years!… that’s when I realized that “The Bug” was not going anywhere, yeah… the travel bug!

Now I live in Calgary, Canada, Eh!

My husband, who I met while traveling, runs a a Financial Education Center. A beautiful environment where he helps people build a solid financial foundation. They learn how to finance their lifestyle, and live a better and much more joyful life. Before moving here I lived in Mexico for a few years. That’s where my friendship with Clara began, and the endless conversations about beautiful projects started, until we (almost literally) gave birth to Soul Trips. Clara is no longer with Soul Trips.

The only way to change the world

for the better is by understanding the needs of others.

After traveling for so many years and living in so many different places, I am convinced that the only way to change the world for the better, is by understanding the needs of others, their culture, background, and environment, through hands-on experiences...I only learned that after having some exciting and life changing ones myself, like helping at an orphanage in Thailand, working in the rice fields in Japan, building homes in the Philippines, serving food to the homeless in Mexico, among many others.

That’s why I am happy to know that now, with Soul Trips, I give people the best gift I could offer, the opportunity to experience what I’ve experienced for years… To be able to travel with a group of like-minded people, that are hungry to volunteer + impact communities + explore the world! Get packing! Let's go travel with purpose.


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