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Awakening your  SOUL

ONLINE | SUNDAY, JULY 19th | 10:00am MT

A mini retreat curated for you to feel empowered, grounded, and productive. Learn a few tools to awaken your soul.

We'll donate 10% of our proceeds to a charity or cause of your choice.

With Leslie Conzemius, Registered Nurse, Board Certified Integrative Health Coach, Yoga and Fitness Instructor. Leslie combines her training in nursing, integrative health coaching, positive psychology, resilience, and yoga to help you gain more awareness and tools to help relieve anxiety, stress, and break unhelpful habits. 

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SUNDAY, JULY 19th  |  10:00AM  |  $35 Canadian Dollars

This mini retreat includes: 

  • Yoga practice for relaxation.

  • Breath work and tools to help soothe your anxious mind.

  • Lecture on how the brain works and why you are stressed and anxious.

  • Activity which helps to regain control and feel the way you desire.

After attending this mini retreat you will:

  • Gain an understanding of basic neuroscience and why you aren’t crazy for having anxiety and unwanted feelings.

  • Learn a tool to master your mind and create lasting change in your life.

  • Feel more grounded, clear, and in control.

  • Less isolated and more connected with community in this time of social distancing.


You will need: 

  • A pen and paper.

  • A yoga mat or space to practice movement.

  • Smart phone, ipad or computer with Zoom capabilities.

* Appropriate for all levels;

no yoga experience necessary


One of the three main components of a Soul Trip and our ultimate goal is to always offer social immersion and volunteer work at every trip.

We take you to a local community to give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, to get to know the needs of those living in vulnerable areas and we guide you through activities to practice gratitude and giving.

For this mini retreat from home we decided to give you the option of donating part of the profit to a charity or cause. Here are the three options we are giving you the opportunity to give to. Once you register for the mini retreat make sure to check which charity or cause you would like your donation to go to. There will also be an opportunity to donate extra funds if you wish to do so. 

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Black Lives Matter Foundation, Inc is a global organization in the US, UK, and Canada, whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes. For more info please follow this link:

Escuela Pueblo Nuevo is a tiny school in Costa Rica that we had the chance to volunteer at last year. 24 kids of all levels learn in the same space and their teacher sleeps in the classroom because she lives 3 hours away. If you feel passionate about this cause, contact us to donate. 

Charity Water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. 785 million people live without clean water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide, or, twice the population of the United States.


Your  retreat leaders

Leslie Conzemius has long had a passion for health and wellbeing inspired by her personal struggles with illness and autoimmune disease as an adolescent.  Her mission is to change the paradigm of health through empowerment and education.

She is a Registered Nurse with experience in mental health and long-term care.  She has a Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching, and is also a Stress Management and Resiliency Trainer. She is convinced that coaching is the missing link in our health care system. It not only equips individuals with more knowledge on WHAT to do to take better care of themselves, but it also shows them HOW to do it to create lasting change.

On top of being an Integrative Nurse Health Coach, Leslie wears many different hats such as Group Fitness Instructor, Certified 200-hour yoga teacher, professional dancer and choreographer. She traveled the world for five years working for the global education program Up with People, leading youth with a mission of service, leadership and performance. Leslie has performed for hundreds of audiences, done over 400 hours of service work, and traveled to over 20 countries. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Leslie now resides in Arvada, Colorado with her husband. Together, their mission is to create community and make the world a better place. Leslie “fills her cup” by dancing, hosting dinner parties, drinking tea, and traveling. 

Celi is a passionate entrepreneur from Venezuela now in Calgary, Canada where she lives with her husband. She holds a graphic designer and a marketing and communications degree. She also has a serious entrepreneur and travel bug.

After working for the global education program Up with People for over seven years in the marketing department, leading youth on a world tour where one of the main components was to volunteer, Celi understood how important it was to show people the needs of others. 

After many years of planning and executing successful events and trips for non-profit organizations as well as corporate companies all over the world, Celi decided it was time to listen to her call as an entrepreneur.
Soul Trips was born in 2017. Wellness retreats with 3 main components: Social immersion and volunteerism, Personal development and growth workshops, and yoga & mindfulness.

Celi is the founder of Soul Trips, the soul behind the trips and the logistics queen of it all. As an entrepreneur and leader of Soul Trips, she has found her motivation to continue making unique experiences a reality, from the testimonials of travelers that continue to have life changing journeys at every Soul Trip. Celi is excited to welcome you to this new platform of mini retreats online. 

Every Soul Trip offers a unique travel and retreat experience focusing on three main components


Two daily sessions of mindfulness & yoga. Yoga classes will include Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin/Yang. All levels. Sound Wellness will also be part of our offerings.

We will partner up with locals to take you to a morning of social immersion in the community. Giving back will rise your vibration and increase your sense of gratitude.

Three workshops: Value mapping, Daily life harmony, Echo Creation. Tools and an action plan to take home, keeping in mind your core values and your everyday life.


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