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Calgary, Alberta. Canada

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Meet our baby: Soul Trips!

Meet our baby: Soul Trips!

What can we do together that contributes to the larger picture? You know, the world!...I told Clara one night.

We have been friends for many years and have very similar interests. We strongly believe that the planet has a lot of people willing to get out of their comfort zone, and make a real change in the world. Sometimes those passionate people, that are willing to DO something, can’t find a way to make it happen, they don’t know where to start, or they simply ask themselves, would my small actions really help? Just like we asked ourselves when trying to come up with a cool project that involved traveling and making an impact.

For those people, with the same feeling that the time is now, that want to enjoy trips to beautiful places with passionate people, and are eager to learn about themselves and others...we’ve created Soul Trips! It gives you a chance to travel + impact + explore the world… and get a bunch of stamps on your passport along the way!

There are so many people in need and we can DO a lot... together!! Let me explain to you how it works!!

The first two or three days of a week with Soul Trips are spent doing volunteer work with a local organization to create awareness on what they do and how other people can help them too. Projects go from building homes, visiting orphanages or nursing homes, reforestation, restoration projects, etc. The next few days, we focus on getting to know each other as a group, reflecting on the experience, meeting locals, and visiting places in the community. We go where the locals go and see what they find interesting. This gives us a better understanding of the culture.

The whole trip is pre-planned, so the only thing you have to do is pack your suitcase and get there!​ Check this section of our website for details

Trips with purpose is WHAT we do. The need to contribute and give others the chance to do the same is WHY we do it.

Now, who is ready to pack and go!?? We have no time to waste!

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