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Hi! My name is Amy Tung and I am an entrepreneur, a Yoga teacher, a community advocate, and I love sharing my life experiences to empower those around me.

About 3 months ago, I decided to quit my job because it was no longer serving me. I was super stressed out and my back/leg pains started to resurface. I thought I would suck it up until I was done school or until I found another job, but I just couldn’t. There were so many blockages- it kinda felt like rocks thrown at me as a sign to get out, so I did. The day I left, a BIGGER DOOR opened for me.

MY LIFE CHANGED People started to connect with me, I got back into a regular gym regime, interviews after another, volunteering at non-profits, attending yoga retreats, going hiking, reading etc… Doing the things I kept putting off because I was either too tired or busy. Things started to unfold quickly, leading to where I am today! Now, I go with the flow with no hesitation. I know I will be supported all the way.

Shortly after, I started a IG account to inspire and empower women by promoting self-love through words, life, and work. In a span of a few weeks, I went from 500 to 1000+ followers. On that platform, I am able to be expressive and engage with a different audience. It was very scary at first because people thought I was going through emotional trauma or going “crazy” LOL I also learned a very valuable lesson, be fearless!

I started the “I am Love Project”! My mission is to promote self-love, and build community engagement. By encouraging volunteerism and giving funds to smaller Canadian non-profit organizations, we together can make a huge impact in our communities. We will release a new crystal bracelet made within the community monthly to honor a new charity.

I also bring people together through the power of Yoga. I believe that our practice on the mat teaches us to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are. It helps us rise and shine through life’s many hard ships and triumphs.

I truly believe your best life is about immersing yourself in enriched experiences. Living an abundant life is about sharing and giving back to our community. Your support will strengthen the chain of love, inspire, and change lives!

Check us out on IG @atung_1314

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