Soul Trips started on February 1st 2017 to give us women, the chance to increase our sense of gratitude through volunteer work, refresh our motivation with wellness & personal development workshops, and feel rejuvenated with yoga & mindfulness, while staying at a relaxing location with all services included.

A wellness retreat with purpose.


My name is Celi, short for Celiana. I was born in Venezuela and because life is absolutely unpredictable I ended up in Calgary, Canada where I now live with my Engineer husband, who happens to work as a financial advisor, helping people live a better life everyday. 

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Born in Venezuela from parents that came from Colombia and Venezuela, the constant in my home was to travel. Travel to visit grandparents from one side of the family, or the other. Always planning a trip somewhere. My mom was always really good at it. Very organized.

Went to Graphic Design school and at the end of it, I decided it was time to see the world and I joined an organization called Up with People. I traveled with them for a year, with 120 other international participants from 20 countries. We performed a musical show, stayed with host families everywhere we went, did endless hours of community service, and most importantly, we learned how to live with each other every day for an entire year. My husband was one of the participants of the group - Talk about being in the right place at the right time. 

At the end of that year, I was offered a position to work as a PR and that's where my travel adventure began, here I share just a few of my pictures around the world. In 2000 I went back home in Venezuela, went to school again and graduated with a Marketing degree in 2004.


Haha! Not just like that, out of nowhere.
Fast forward from 2004 to 2017. All those years in between where filled with more adventure, went back to work for Up with People for another round of 5 years, I worked for a wonderful summer program in Japan called World Campus international, lived in Monterrey, Mexico where I worked in a corporate event company dealing with high end clients like Mary Kay, Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Home Depot, etc. 

Moved to Calgary in 2013 to be with my husband Trevor. If any of you are immigrants to the country where you live, you will know that adapting can be hard and the wait for papers even harder. 

In 2015 when I got my work permit I started working in Finance with my husband... bad idea, I hate numbers!


After thinking about it for the longest time, I decided it was time to listen to my call as an entrepreneur, and that's how Soul Trips was born in 2017. My friend Clara who has been my partner in crime for many things joined me in this beautiful project for a bit.

Soul Trips: Wellness retreats with 3 main components: Social immersion and volunteerism, Personal development and growth workshops, and yoga. I am the founder of Soul Trips, the soul behind the trips and the logistics queen of it all. I plan all my retreats and I also started planning retreats for other people, if you are looking to plan your own retreat, let me know, I'm here to help.

I find my motivation to continue making unique experiences from the testimonials of travelers that continue to have life changing journeys at every Soul Trip. I am thrilled to welcome you to Soul Trips!



Send me a message to say hello, to ask a question, to give me feedback about Soul Trips, to tell me about yourself, your business, etc. I love to connect with everyone that comes to our website to learn a bit about this project. 

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Calgary, Alberta. Canada

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